Televised Mass Schedule 

The Obligation to Return to Holy Mass has been extended to June 28.  Those who wish to watch online may do so up to that date.

DRIVEWAYS:  Ambulances and fire trucks need these
driveways open. Your vehicle could be towed away if not
parked properly.

St. Frances Cabrini Church Welcomes you! 

Office Hours
9:00am-3:00pm M, T, Th, F
Closed Wednesday

12001 69th Street East - Parrish, FLorida 34219

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(941) 776 - 9097

Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there, and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

Below is a Televised Mass Schedule from the Diocese.

Diocese of Venice
Fax: (941) 776-1307
Sacrament of Reconciliation 
Out Side the Church
2:00-3:00 PM Saturday
Communion at this time will only
be distributed in the Hand


No Account needed to watch the Mass Live on Facebook .
Masks are Required for Entrance in the Church and for Mass.
*Masks will not  be provided*

Social Distancing Seating Standard

Public Mass Schedule
Daily Mass: 9:00 AM (T,W,Th,F)
Saturday: 4:00 PM (Vigil)
Sunday: 9:30 AM

1. Church may only Seat to 50% Capacity: Once this has been reached the Ushers will ask you to stand outside the Church. There are Speakers to listen to the Mass (or you may watch via FACEBOOK). Communion will be distributed outside ONLY IF we reach max capacity. Please form Communion lines along the Side-walk where the Pillars and Blue Social Distance Tape. 

2. Please enter through the main Entrance of the Church via the Narthex (Side doors will be locked) - as you enter please go into the Pews that do not have a RED-CORD across it.

3. PLEASE FILE INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE PEW FIRST. This allows others to social distance towards the ends as the Church begins to fill up with our Brothers and Sisters.

4. You may sit by Family or by Household. Please leave a seat between you and those who are not sitting with you. 

5. The Collection will not be passed via the baskets at this time, but there will be a container at the Entrance of the Church and containers at the Side doors when you leave for giving and Offetory Envelopes.

This is new,  definitely different, and it will cause many of us to reevaluate our comfort level. Again, this is a transitionary period and we do not know what the future holds. But these implementations are put in place to protect the vulnerable around us that they too might be able to worship in safety.

May we each take responsibility to exercise the utmost care to protect ourselves and others. Please be mindful that safeguarding our own and each other’s health offers reverent service to God, for as Jesus says, whatever we do for the least of our brothers or sisters, we do for Him.