Building Fellowship & Bettering Communities through the Gospel

Fr. Jim Cogan, Administrator


Richard Lind, Operation and Finance Manager

Operations Manager is a position with diverse areas of responsibility. Richard Lind is responsible for accounting, the financial side of parish operations, and overseeing parish facilities. Staying in compliance with Diocesan requirements requires him to work closely with staff and ministries.


Chris Malone, Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant she has a multitude of duties.  She greets and assists visitors, answers incoming telephone calls and has deadlines to meet. Often all at the same time.  She schedules funerals, weddings and baptisms, sets appointments, conducts the Baptism Class and insures a proof read and publication ready bulletin is off to the printer on time.


As Liturgy and Worship Director Lydia Herrera has an enormous responsibility overseeing the daily Liturgical operation of the church. All masses; Daily, Sunday, funeral, wedding, baptism or any other worship service that pertains to the Liturgy are in her capable hands.  Along with a group of volunteers, she sets up the big hall in the Cabrini Center for Family Mass and extra Masses at Christmas and Easter.

Tom Moline, Data Entry

Tom Moline has been responsible for entering all information related funds coming into the parish. Data entry includes New Family Registrations, parish ID and envelope numbers. He is a Sacristan, Extraordinary Minister, member of the Liturgical Committee and oversees the training of Altar Servers.


As the Director of Religious Education (DRE), Sharon Levesque has the responsibility of helping to care for the needs of both children and adults participating in the Faith Formation programs. She is also responsible for directing the team of volunteers who generously give of their time and talents to serve the families of the parish.  Although her job responsibilities vary from administrative to spiritual, to Sharon, the role of the DRE is more than a job. “It’s about ministering to the families and the teachers who serve. It’s about loving them and bringing them to a life in Christ.”  She brings a wide variety of experience to her role as DRE, including more than thirty years of leadership experience, faith formation teacher, and retreat development and facilitation.

Sharon Levesque, Director of Religious Education

Lydia Herrera, Liturgy and Worship Director

Ernie Nolder, Maintenance Manager

Ernie Nolder describes his job responsibilities as "to maintain the grounds and buildings."  Just looking around at the vast grounds and number of buildings is an indication of how modest that statement is. In addition to the grounds, there is always something in need of attention in one of the many buildings to insure optimum operations.


Father Cogan is a priest of the Diocese of Venice and was ordained to the Priesthood on October 25, 2004. He most recently served as Parochial Vicar of St. Leo the Great in Bonita Springs. prior to that, Father Cogan served as Parochial Vicar Of St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Port Charlotte, ss. Peter and Paul the Apostles Parish in Bradenton, San Pedro Parish in North Port and St Ann Parish in Naples.


Chuck Deitzel, Maintenance

Chuck Deitzel has been in the parish Painting and Maintenance position for 6 years; and has a large amount of territory to cover painting and doing maintenance for the various buildings on the campus, as well as, chief weed, ant and bug control. Chuck has a quite a varied background: Navy cook for 4 years; 31 years with the Baltimore City Fire Department and 17 years maintaining a Catholic School and Hall.